The Township Committee meeting planned for Monday, March 25th beginning at 6 pm at the Municipal Building, has been RESCHEDULED for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27TH!

Meeting Rescheduled

This is a “Special Meeting” to precede the meeting previously scheduled for 7 pm, the much-anticipated vote whether to Join with Kooltronic in the “redevelopment” of the Pennytown tract (thereby including the Kooltronic lot in the redevelopment plan), or whether to proceed with the redevelopment of Pennytown without “partnering” with Kooltronic.

The Agenda for the 6 pm “Special Meeting/Executive Session” is HERE which states that “formal actions may take place” — the Agenda cites an Executive Session Resolution.

The Agenda for the 7 pm Meeting is HERE and includes:

  • Public Comments Section
  • Work Session – Pennytown/Kooltronic issue
  • A RESOLUTION concerning wastewater quality management plan to REJECT newly added sewer service systems for the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed
  • An Executive Session Resolution
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